Abraham LUYA – First Patron of Souths

Abraham Fleetwood LUYA

Abraham Luya, First Patron of South Brisbane Cricket Club 1897

(Abraham Fleetwood) A F LUYA, MLA, Alderman, Mayor of South Brisbane Municipality (3 years), First Patron and Founder of South Brisbane District Cricket Club in 1897.

Presided over the First meeting of South Brisbane District Cricket Club.

Mr A F LUYA passed away in 1899 and his wife, only mentioned as Mrs A F LUYA, lived until 1923. The newspaper report of the time indicates that she was a much loved resident.

Mr LUYA, with fellow former South Brisbane Mayor Williams Stephens held the first meeting of the club.

He was a business man who had many interests and involvements within the area.

Mr and Mrs LUYA are apparently buried at the South Brisbane Cemetery (possibly now Dutton Park).