R A Alton Life Member 1924

R A Alton

Life member 1924

Mr Alton served as President from the start of Annual Report records in 1924 until 1929.

Certainly his contribution prior to the beginning of the records in 1924 must be significant to have been made a life member at that time and he served the club for many years following the honour.

Mr Alton also served on the Qld Cricket Association Executive from the beginning of the records in 1924 until well into the 1930’s.

During his tenure in this period, he was responsible for the signing of a lease to use the Brisbane Cricket Ground, on favourable terms, including an income from gate takings.

His stewardship included a time of good financial position of the club.

Mr Alton and his wife were responsible for many successful Social functions.

Mr Alton was also made a Life member of Qld Cricket in 1926.