John McKnoulty


Life member Souths 1976

Life member Qld Cricket 2001

President 1971-75, Patron 1992 -2006

President Qld Cricket 1994-2002

Awarded Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2003. For service to the administration of sport, particularly cricket, to the administration of a range of government regulatory authorities, and to the community, particularly through organisations associated with the Catholic Church.

Awarded the Australian Sports Medal in 2000.

The club owes a debt of gratitude to John and his wife June and family, that we may never be able to repay.

John has served the club in many capacities over the years, ably supported by his wife June and family.

Without his help, it is likely that the club would not have survived in its current form and his support and dedication have truly been the life blood of the club.

John has been honoured by Qld Cricket as having the First Grade One Day Grade Cricket Trophy named in his honour. John Served as President of the Qld Cricket Association for 8 years.

South Brisbane has also instituted the John and June McKnoulty One Day Player of the year trophy for the club which was won in its first year by Drew Martel (2013-2014).

John was a solicitor by occupation and wrote a book about his life “My Journey from Maclean Bridge”

David Applegarths Memories of Souths

John McKnoulty (The judge)

I understand that John joined the Club in the mid 1950’s as a player in “B” and “C” grades. Because of his keen interest in Club activities and his profession as a Solicitor with McCullough and Robertson John I believe was invited to join the executive by Jack Cooke around 1960. I recall John always giving freely and without cost considered advice and guidance to the executive of the time. Whenever needed John also willingly gave of his time at working bees for Fehlberg Park in the heady days of Norm Gray and Jack Cooke and with fund raising activities. John recently recalled, in discussion with me, that he remembers me visiting his office in Brisbane just prior to my transfer to Townsville in 1967 to seek his agreement to nominate him to take over the Q.C.A. Executive post which I had held as Souths Representative at the time. The rest is history with John holding this post for the club until 1976. Obviously there have been many achievements by John McKnoulty since 1967 which have been beneficial to Souths and it being in the strong position it is today. Others who were closer to the situation than me during these more recent times will be in a better position to comment further. Having said this I am aware of the negotiations, handled by John in the early 1970’s, to secure the services of Greg Chappell for Souths and the magnificent gesture of his around 1975 to go guarantor of a bank loan needed by the Club to construct the original Clubhouse at Fehlberg Park adjacent to the Norman Gray oval.

Deservedly the Club Executive then saw fit to name the Clubhouse in John’s honour. John through his dedication to Souths and Queensland Cricket has gone on to become President of Queensland Cricket which post he held with distinction for many years.

My friendship with John, even though our business paths took different directions, has continued through the years. We have played and travelled together as part of Golden Oldies Cricket in the 1980’s, most enjoyable times to say the least.

John McKnoulty deserves all the accolades Souths can heap on him for his efforts on the Clubs behalf. He rightly stands as one of “Souths” executive Icons.