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Players Transferring from another club

All players for Souths must first sign and give a membership form to a committee member before they can play for the club.

In order to be eligible to play for Souths, you must first be financially clear of any previous cricket clubs. In order to make sure, you must contact your previous club and make sure you have paid any owing fee’s and seek a written confirmation from the club secretary. (Email is fine).

Clubs seek to ensure fairness between clubs so that players do not leave one club and go to another owing fee’s.

Do not leave yourself in an embarrassing situation. Know before you join.

Some clubs request that the club that you are going to (i.e. Souths) does the transfer via the MyCricket registration/transfer system. If so, please ensure you are financially clear and advise the Treasurer / secretary of the clubs wish to carry out the transfer via the MyCricket system.

CAPTAINS – Before you seek to register or transfer a player – you must get all of their details. This includes for new members –

Full and correct name – no nicknames.

Full address

Date of Birth

Email address / telephone contact (2 if possible)

Are they already registered to another club/school? If so, are they clear of that club.

If you fail to do this, when you go to enter the scores, you will not be able to find the player. This is not a good situation as you then have to contact Clayton to repair the situation. It is easier to do it all before the game than an hour before your scores are due. This may lead to point penalties for your team.

Still not sure? Before the player takes to the field, please contact a committee member to confirm that the player may play. It helps to have a membership form on hand so they can sign it before the game.