Norm Gray

Norm Gray

The namesake for our main oval at Souths.

The special Tribute to Norm Gray from the 1963/64 Annual Report when he retired as President of the Club:

” Our Patron, Hon. V. C. Gair, our office bearers, members and ladies and supporters will deeply regret that this meeting will terminate the reign of our President Norman Gray.

His period, 1959-1964, embraced three successive ‘A’ Grade Premierships. Our only Golden Age 1906/07, 07/08, 08/09 and 09/10 surpasses it. It a pity he could not have held control for one more year.

Max Robins, who steered our team to the triple success, Dave Applegarth and former captains who did the spade work, will agree that such a performance was not achievable without a team spirit. That needs good club management, always impossible unless the man in the chair has the essentials of experience, enthusiasm, tact and character. ‘Souths’ were fortunate that their top man had reserves of these qualities.

Norman Gray was no ordinary president, no ‘yes-man’, no figurehead and nobody’s fool. He had no other motive when accepting high office than to work for his great love ‘Souths. Had self interest rules he could possibly have graced the chair since 1925. Instead he threw his energy behind our management. For over forty years he served in almost every club capacity. Any honours that accrued to him on the way were richly deserved. The club bestowed life membership in 1931. From a QCA Delegate in 1927, he was to rise tot he Vice President of the Association in 1950.

From the outset in 1927 – when he became a QCA Member and later a foundation member of the Brisbane Cricket Ground – he assisted Messrs Hartigan, Hutcheon, Fehlberg, Skirving, Park and others in the effort to restore headquaters to Woolloongabba.

Along with grading, selecting and executive duties over that time, Norman was an energetic and inspiring member of the Social Committee. Mrs Gray and daughter Norma, gave him full support. The latter statement could be in reverse for next to our former Secretary Jack Hoelscher, Souths ‘Knight of Cricket’, no member realises more the club debt to our ladies. Their story is worthy of a chapter of its own.

Read the full story in the 1963 Annual Report here.

From Life Member Dave Applegarths Memories of Souths

Norman Gray (Norm)

He took over the presidency from one Charlie SANDERS who served alongside Jack Hoelscher for many years in the 1940’s and 1950’s. As the cricket records show Norm’s association with Souths dates back to the 1920’s when he played “A” Grade, was an executive of the Club and a Q.C.A. delegate. It was in 1959 when Norm became President and our leader that his true worth and leadership qualities shone through. I have attempted in my Resumé to describe the dedication of this wonderful man to Souths cause and more particularly to memories about the establishment of Fehlberg Park and the Norman Gray oval. Apart from these aspects Norm as President led the club with distinction. He regularly attended Cricket matches being played by all Grades in the Club and assisted on many occasions at fund raising venues. He also travelled with the Club on our regular Australia Day long week-end visits to Bundaberg, Maryborough, Lismore and the like. He had a wonderful time with us “much younger blokes” as he used to refer to us as. Norm lived with his family at Highgate Hill in the South Brisbane area, he had a son Alan who played for a time in “B” and “C” grade teams in the 1950’s. Norm was a senior surveyor in the Queensland Government and as I explain in my notes this professional skill and his contacts were very beneficial to Souths and the development of Fehlberg Park. A larger than life and jolly man with a big heart and active mind. Great fun and an experience for me to have known and worked so close to Norm Gray I am sure.