Robert ‘Bob’ Young


Bob Young, after which one of our ovals is named, was made a life member of Souths in 1948 and a life member of Qld Cricket in 1975.

From Life member Dave Applegarths Memories of Souths

Bob Young (Bobby)

My first memories of Bob Young was watching him play for Souths “A” Grade team at “The Gabba’, I think in 1946 or 1947. Bob had served in the Australian Army during World War II and like many of his colleagues had the stuffing knocked out of him fighting to save Australia. A short dumpy person of darkish complexion with an engaging smile and personality. Bob was an excellent R.H. Batsman in the top of the batting order, he made many high scores for Souths. I always found him to be calm in difficult situations. I recall him making a temporary comeback to “A” Grade in the early 1950’s when the team were short due to Sheffield Shield commitments of some key players, he peeled off a sedate 40 or 50 runs against Valleys at New Farm Park when all us so called young hot shots had failed. This performance was typical of his calm and collected approach. I remember he always said “Let them get you out not get yourself out”. Bob Young was Manager of Massey Bicycle and Sports Store in Elizabeth St. Brisbane, I believe he would have done some good deals for Souths with cricket gear. Bob was one of the people who initiated the “Sports Depot Shield” into Q.C.A. Club cricket competition, this trophy being awarded for the best performed Club overall grades.

Masseys Sports Store later merged with Whatmores Sports Store where Bob worked on with Errol LaFranz and Jack McLaughlan. Bob Young like Jack Hoelscher before him believed in bringing on the young players in the Club so he devoted much of his time to Coaching and Management activities for junior players of the Club. Bob remained a single man throughout his life and lived with his mother and brother Ken at Ipswich Rd. Annerley Junction about two blocks back from the junction of Ipswich Rd. and Annerley Rd. The old home still stands there today. As his record shows a real stalwart of our Club.