Members who served in World War 2

South Brisbane District Cricket Club pays tribute to the members of our club who served in the Australian Armed Forces during World War 2.


W A Brown OAM

G A Gooma (Life Member)

W J Wilson, DFM.

P E Toovey

M L Thomsett

L R Dixon

K Fitton

B P Collins

S J Hill

E A Toovey

K Ramsay

C Hirst

R C Lane

S A Jackson

J E McAnany

A W Saunders

S J Dimmock

W Buchanan

R Johnson

R Harris

E L Pearen

E W Janetski

B P Allen

D Coyle

L J Thomson

G Gordingley

C Wilson

R P Francey

D Hansen

W H Nelson

A A Hinsch

R A Connolly (Life Member)

F H McKenna

R A ‘Bob’ Young (Life Member)

T Wyman

M Greene

N W Rattle

N J Brazil

B Sheperd

G A Jeavons (Life Member)

A Jeavons (Life Member)

J E Baker

M Holberton

A T ‘Wally’ Grout

A C Gray

K Gray* (Son of Norm Gray – Passed away whilst POW)

D R Grimwade (Life Member)

G E Walsh (Life Member) *(Joined the club after the war)

Len Marlow, BEM. *(joined the club in 1964)