South Brisbane District Cricket Club

Selection Policy

The purpose of this policy is to convey to all senior players the criteria and process involved in selecting teams. This selection policy is for the benefit of all players and selectors and is designed to enable the selection process to operate efficiently. At the heart of this policy is the notion that most players aspire to play at the very highest standard of their ability, but also allows for players who merelywish to play for fun.

As South Brisbane District Cricket Club grows with the introduction of new members and the ongoing commitmentof existing members, it is necessary to ensure that the club not only fields competitive sides, but alsooffers reasonable opportunity for players to meet their own cricket potential.

The Selection Committee is put in place to make difficult decisions from time to time. If a member has an objection to a selection decision, they need to address these concerns directly to the Chairman of Selectors.

Selection will be merit based and made in the best interests of South Brisbane District Cricket Club. Decisions will not be basedon personal relationships.

Selection Panel

The Selection Committee will comprise of the Chairman of Selectors (1 vote), 2 Assistant Selectors (1 vote each) and all Senior Team Captains (1 vote for their own team), as well as input from the Senior Club Coach (1 vote). The Captain of the team immediately below will also have input to the selection panel (but no vote). In the unlikely event of a tie when one or more of the Selection Committee is absent, then the Chairman of the Selectors will have the deciding vote.

All captains are required to attend selection meetings on a designated night, as directed by the Chairman, on selection weeks.


The objectives of selection are to balance the following needs of South Brisbane District Cricket Club:

  • to select the strongest XI possible for each grade of cricket,
  • for the club to ensure future success by promoting and developing youth, and
  • to be fair and consistent in the treatment of all players.

It is recognised that sometimes these objectives are not compatible. For example, a very talented player who does not train may not be picked in the XI in which he is obviously capable of playing.

This may inhibit the selectors picking the strongest XI; however it promotes fairness and consistency in selection. In addition, it is recognised that the balancing of these objectives may be different for each XI. For example, the emphasis on picking the strongest XI will be higher in the 1st XI than it will be in the lower XI’s.


Chairman of Selectors Role

The Chairman of Selector’s role is inclusive, but not limited to the following;

  • to chair the selection meetings,
  • to ensure that the Selection Policy is implemented and adhered to,
  • to coordinate the availability of players in conjunction with the Senior Coach,
  • to communicate the promotion/demotion of a player when this cannot be done by the appropriate Captain or Coach, and
  • to liaise with the Senior Committee about any selection issues that may arise.

Selection Criteria

Membership Status

Players who are not financial – or have not established a payment plan with the Treasurer or Secretary will be ineligible for selection.

If a player is experiencing ‘financial hardship’, he will need to make special arrangements with the Treasurer.


All players are required to attend training sessions scheduled by the Club Coach. Standard sessions will be Tuesday and Thursday nights generally from 6.00pm to 8.00pm, (weather permitting). An additional 30 minutes of training time from 8.00pm to 8.30pm is available for players who wish to undertake extra training. This is seen as especially beneficial to players who have difficulties arriving at the prescribed training start time due to work commitments.

If a player is unable to attend, it is the player’s responsibility to advise the Coach of their situation and attend when possible. A lack of communication will be seen as detrimental to selection, and if a player is missing for an extended period they will come back through the lower XIs.

Where a player has a legitimate reason for not attending training sessions such as work, family or medical reasons and has conveyed this to the Selection Committee, it is the Selection Committee’s right to exclude their training attendance and select on form and other selection criteria.

Attitude and Work Ethic
It is expected that all players will approach training sessions with the same professionalism and attitude that they would approach a game. All players are expected to work hard during training and support each other to achieve our Club goals at all times.

If this does not happen at training then it will not happen during a game. No player is to leave a training session without notifying the coach prior to their departure.

Any player carrying an injury and unable to train will be required to assist the coaching staff as directed.

It is expected that all players will attend training in official South Brisbane District Cricket Club attire. A club trainingshirt or white cricket shirt and shorts or tracksuit pants is acceptable. Non-South Brisbane DistrictCricket Club attire is NOTacceptable and the required clothing should be purchased immediately. Suitable footwear is to beworn at all times.

Future Development/Potential
To support the clubs long term objectives regarding the fostering and development of youth, young players will be given preference at selection should two players have similar arguments for promotion/demotion. All things being equal, preference will be given to the development of younger players.

Match Day Punctuality
All players are required to arrive at least 60 minutes prior to a game or at a timeprescribed by each Team Captain.

Continuously late players will affect their selection prospects unless prior arrangements have been made with the respective captain. The club endeavours to accommodate all reasonable circumstances providing the member communicates with the respective Captain and Coach.

Form is the primary criteria in the selection policy as this allows the club to field its most competitive sides for any fixture. However, this does not mean that for one good/disappointing performance that promotion/demotion is applied. Where possible, members will be given a reasonable time to perform in any particular grade.

Team balance is critical for all grades when selecting teams. There will be instances where changes will be made, and these will not be based on performance, but purely to achieve team balance and may require the Selection Committee to promote/demote players on that basis. Credence will be given to winning teams and therefore changes would be less likely.

If players are performing well in lower grades, they are to be encouraged to continue that form and apply pressure on players in higher grades. A point to note is that individuals playing well will lift their team’s spirits and this in turn assists the club to prosper.

It is important that all games are played within ‘The Spirit of the Game’. Players should adhere to the Club Member and Player Code of Conduct at all times. Members that bring the club or the game into disrepute will be required to appear before the Board and may face disciplinary action.